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August 25, 2013
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EDIT 3: see the original art here! (not interactive):
EDIT 2: KAY. so now it's mini-er quq ha...haha
EDIT: I'm sorry.. it's probably a huge file ;n;
note: the rabbit thing is weird... to activate, you must double click it :'(

QuQ //feels proud of myself for once... yet at the same time it was horribly done seeing as it's the first time I used Flash......
//goes off to sob in a corner

APP FOR THE LOVELY :iconzero-period:

Name: Kirito Augustine
Age: 15
Birthday: December 24th
Year: 1
Status: Freshman
Gender: Male

Height: 5’ 10”

Alter-ego species: Rabbit Lantern Keeper/Magician

Lantern Cane – The cane that’s filled with roses and birds to even you’re wildest dreams, holds magic mainly for illusion spells. The greater the wielder’s creativity and mind, the stronger the images it creates around the user. However, the stronger it is, the more energy it takes from the body. Once the light is out (either the user has fainted, or the lantern was blown out), the user falls to a deep slumber and can only be awoken when lit again, or the cane is out of the master’s hands. (Also wakes up to the sound of a bell).
Card tricks – Hand-drawn spells are placed on a deck of cards. They range from burns to frostbite, as each are uniquely made. (They are weak. His main strength lies in illusions)
Cascade Fall – Like the shuffling and passing of cards in hand, cards dash out from the palm holding it, cutting the opponent. Each card gives a slight burn due to the magic spell circle drawn. If it is able to be erased, the burn will disappear.

Cat and Rabbit helpers – Like all magicians, one must need a helper, or two! Mao and Ryu, the protectors of the lantern, are able to change the personality of Kirito with a kiss to his cheek.
Mao – Wild and curious, Mao acts as the offense trigger of Kirito
Ryu – Calm and always thinking, Ryu acts as the defense trigger of Kirito.

>>Personality change/Carnival Masquerade
When Kirito zips up the cape to the very top of the hood, his personality goes awry, and into split personalities that are displayed by theatre masks. Whether they can be dangerous or not, it depends on the heart’s thoughts.

Strong in studies?: Yes

Strongest Subject: Arts/Music, Math
Weakest Subject: History, Science

Personality: Full of pride, Kirito tends to act maturely – that is until a girl walks by. A bit of a flirt, and especially with his baby-ish face, he can’t help leaving a girl without a compliment or two. Kirito always looks at things with numbers and percentages in mind, and loves solving problems.

Although there is the smiling, proud Kirio, there is also the crybaby little boy that he is. He never likes to be alone, and enjoys the company of others. He is especially calm when playing the piano.

Background: Born and raised in a family of 3 siblings (Including himself), Kirito had often played the piano for his younger sister and mother, as the eldest (brother- Haru) learned the ropes of the family company. Growing up into the last year of elementary (going to 7th grade), Kirito awaits for his family to pick him up at the school. Yet, no-one shows up, not his brother, sister, or parents. It is spring time, and rain continued to pour that day. As he walked back home, he received a call from the hospital, apologizing for the loss of his parents. Stricken with fear of being left alone, Kirito rushes to the hospital, searching in hopes for a familiar face and for the truth to be a lie. Yet the only one he sees is a head drooped down into their chest that belonged to his brother. Haru was uninjured, but the shock of his sister’s blindness was immeasurable.
Now graduating 8th grade, Kirito had to move on to high school, hoping to hide his scared self, and envelope in a new prideful person. Excelling in his piano skills (and a few small contests), he searched for an arts academy that would focus on academics as a priority. Suddenly stumbling onto an ad about ‘Shukuudai Academy’, Kirito applies at a heartbeat, moving to his mother's homeland with his family. Accepted for his skills in academic grades and piano, Kirito joins the new school year at Shukuudai Academy >wo

Stuffed plushies
Taking care of his siblings *caffs* SISCON *caffs*

Sweets that are too sweet >w<
People bullying his sister

Kirito currently lives with his elder brother Haru (25), and Mei (8)
He often comes home as soon as possible to take care of Mei, and constantly plays the piano by her side
Kirito is childhood friends with neighbor Elizabeth Kotaiyo possibly friend-zoned by Eli
Is bisexual, believes in love at first sight
Attracted to girls and baby-faced/feminine boys because he finds them to be as delicate as flowers
Has no parents
Is half Japanese, half German (just don't expect full sentences of either o u o'' )

*more to add later*

© Art of characters/pets/weapon are done by me, =x--SmilingAngel--x

Do not steal or I will bite.
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