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September 1, 2013
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Zero-Period Application: Elizabeth Kotaiyo by chuguri Zero-Period Application: Elizabeth Kotaiyo by chuguri
be doo be doo be doo My second app q-q just wanted to add that minion hehe

Reference with wings:

Name: Elizabeth “Eli” Kotaiyo
Age: 16
Birthday: January 1st
Year: 2
Status: Junior
Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 3”

Alter-ego species: Snow Leopard (White crow) Clairvoyant

Weapon: Tarot cards/reading, hand drawn designs on the back of individual cards. Elizabeth acts more often as a duo/partner with someone, being able to use or reveal the future through the cards.

-Justforfun- tarot cards can also change the person’s outfit, depending on the card.
She also uses the Scythe
Pet: Amuse “Fido”: A hound like pet whose eyes are taken back into the night (inside mouth). He acts as a pet/helper dog, lending tainted and bloodied eyes to their master, in exchange for their eyesight. Original name is found to be AMUSE, however, he responds to the name Fido most of the time.
Long story short, I wanted the most generic pet name ever and came up with Fido.
Although Fido is a hound, he is able to transform into a human, becoming half the height of Elizabeth (reaching to her waist). During this form, his tail is gone, and eyes are shown to be pitch black. Aside from becoming human, he is also able to lend his tail as the power to the scythe.
Strong in studies?: Yes

Strongest Subject: Gym?? English, Cooking
Weakest Subject: Art, Math
Personality: Although quite the quiet girl, Lilin loves to play sports and team activities, never liking the idea of being alone. She is often found behind Kirito, clinging onto him, although she is a grade higher. Lilin is often more talkative and energetic when near Kirito.

Background: As a child under the care of her only family member, her brother, she decides to follow Kirito to where-ever he goes. Since the age of 4, she has only ever had memories of playing with the two boys and taking care of one another (especially tiny Kirito hehe), constantly following them as though they shone a lighted path for her. Although Kirito chose to leave and join Shuukudai Academy, Elizabeth was in denial and had almost caused him to stay. Yet, because of the bond between the two families, Elizabeth’s older brother had decided to move with them.

Now living as next-door neighbors, Eli’s often the one who wakes up Kirito and walks with him to their new school and adventure, Shuukudai Academy.

Kirito (and his family)
Her brother

Her drunk deceased father
Bitter desserts

She is half German, half Japanese
Next-door neighbor of Kirito since (possibly) birth
She can do tarot reading

"They say that a white crow's feather grants any wish you desire"
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KaiiNguyen Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Awh. I wanted to make my male character. But... I dont think i can finish soon. Since i still have no computer "/

So the app wont be submit in time :iconmiseryplz:
aaaaah!!! Just ask Anh when it's due q-q???
KaiiNguyen Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist
when what's due?
;A; Cutieee~~
ohhh wow she looks so amazing *w* And I love Her Familiar it's sooooo cute! Plus Tarot reading power is soo cool jssdjhhgf I love the idea! Plus the fact that they could accidently change outfits because of her powers sounds pretty hilarious XD
beautiful eli :iconblushplz:
And another adorable creature appeared! :iconmahfeelzplz:
Oh my is that your handwriting? HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN WRITE THIS BEAUTIFULL :iconpapmingplz:
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