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September 29, 2013
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Promise Me by chuguri Promise Me by chuguri
Edit: Made it smaller *v*

“Why did you follow me?” Eyes question with grimace.
“Because.. You looked lonely”
“That’s not a reason. You cannot leave the house. You mustn’t.”
“You ask me why, but what about yourself? Why must I be imprisoned yet you are free to do as you are? ”
He looks away from the strong-willed gaze of the daughter of the Karasu family, focusing on those who stood before their only path; the three thugs stand waiting, watching with laughter at the bickering.
“Rina-sama, please look the other way-“ His eyes lower.
“Don’t call me ‘sama’!” Rina barks back at the command she didn’t want to hear.
“I kept your promise so stop acting like a child.” Bitter words continue responding, “Do you not trust me?” Slowly losing strength at the sound of his voice, she bites her lip, turning away as told. Hands slide from behind and cover her ears.

“Man, and here I thought you were going to help us kidnap the little kitty” Teased the tallest one in the middle of the three, as he steps forward, dragging the bat.
The scraping noise continues to sound louder and louder, as the nails hit the ground.
“Don’t forget, you’re our friend.”
“Friends should be helping out each other! Unless you wanted to be part of a ransom, would that be it? I’m right, aren’t I!”
“It’s a shame that such a pretty boy is caught up in this situation.” The two lackeys snicker with remarks, blocking off the only entrance and escape. The tall boy, suddenly behind the young victim, towers over him with eyes widening, “Deus, did you know? You’d fetch a high price in the black market or… did you wanna help us with the lady there?”
Hands that covered Rina’s ears slide forward, his long fingers now covering her eyes.
“This is me; Deus of the dark, before I made the pact with the Karasus. This is why you cannot follow me.
Promise me you won’t look. Promise me you will keep your eyes closed, and never turn back until you hear my voice and only mine.”
He whispers by her ear as she slowly nods,

A DTA Entry for this adorable cutie made by =CrybabyPippo <3

Some notes on the story:
:bulletred:Karasu is the household that Rina belongs to where 10 daughters (adopted/bought/born into) must always act appropriately and in a calm manor in any situation. They must hold the family name up high with pride else they will not be allowed freedom. Along with the 10 daughters are the 10 suitors or 'sons' of the Karasu family. All members of the house carry with them a key/lock necklace, containing their freedom but betrayal to the family and can only be obtained with the help between a 'son' and 'daughter'. (all keys and locks contain a GPS tracker and mic) For those who know my OC Yupina, she is also part of the family ^u^~.
Those who hold the highest status/maintenance of appearance, intelligence, as well as strength are allowed to eat at the table. There is always one daughter or son that will not be allowed each night.
:bulletred: Did you know Deus means God?

I'm sorry for the huge image ;A;''
Sugar-Bells Oct 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like the story you wrote for this character. Great job!
Ashborne-Demon Oct 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
I really love this image! Amazing work on the entire thing! :hug:Great picture, nice story/character info too. I really like all the effort in this! Keep it up!
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