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August 14, 2012
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Adoptabuu Hiddens by chuguri Adoptabuu Hiddens by chuguri
kay. i need points and its taking me forever with the next set ;u; so. lets just call this a preview to the bigger set u v u i got too bored with my own base, and using :iconcats-onfire:'s base is getting addicting ;u; b

Today's set is called Hidden ;v; (btw, i finished these awhile back, just never posted them~). Each one here is either hiding their arms, face, or eyes! C:

Each adoptable is 200 :points: u v u just comment with which one you want and wait til i give the go-ahead to send the payment <33

OH and the bottom 4 are are sold in pairs (5-6, and 7-8) for 350 :points:! if you'd like them separate, then its 200 still ;3;

1. :iconjylelover924:
2. :iconjylelover924:
3. :iconjylelover924:
5. :iconjylelover924:
6. :iconjylelover924:
7. :iconbutterbly:
8. :iconbutterbly:

:bulletgreen:draw, draw, draw! and link back!
:bulletgreen:please state for the first drawing that i designed it
:bulletgreen:Make some changes, and give them a background, name, etc.

:bulletred:resell (unless gone through me)
:bulletred:or steal/trace/copy design


All art and designs are (c) of :iconx--smilingangel--x: and cannot be used until bought and given a new owner/s~

Couldn't find what you're looking for? Just check out my other open adopts! >3<~

:iconasdfghplz: i still don't have a PM lool ;w; s-so i couldn't use a thumbnail |D
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Ello love~
Could I maybe adopt the third one, too? I sort of fell in love with her. Even though I normally don't get female characters. </>
helloooo bby <33
haha >u< sure! I'm glad my old adopts are getting homes C: especially good ones <3
xDD I've been looking at her for a few weeks, I just didn't have points at the time and didn't want to ask until I had points again~
I'd feel worse about adopting the majority of this set if more people would have been interested in it... ;-;
How could they not be? D': these were so adorable<33
//goes off to send points
Will you make another set like this in the future?
Gods, Ethan, stop spamming her with all your comment love, jeez. D:<
Just curious. And stuff. Yeah. :3
I feel dumb asking since I've been all over your page about a dozen or more times, but, um, do you do holds for adopts? XD
nya dwdw xD i keep forgetting to include that into the rules ;A; lool... but yush. I do holds <33 which one would you like me to put on hold for you? C:
XD Lol, ummm...I think I'm in love with three of them, but it probably wouldn't be fair to ask that all three be held, so either 2, 5, or 6, if you can. ><
And my other question is how long you can hold. XD
lol i can hold them all for you if you'd like XD (5 and 6 are also a discounted pair~ even tho its just.. 50..points off lols ;u; ) andd. with my issue with holds, i can never get a set time, as anyone who has ever asked so far are friends here ;u; including you :'D~ so, so far my policy is "as long as you need" LOL. |D
XD I keep forgetting to talk to my friend who's dealing with my points for me. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. ^^"
fffffyou'resosweettome. ;u;
Thank you. <3
oo lol, icic xD
>w< yourjustsweettometoo ;A; <33
nyaa np <33~
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